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IBAUK Rally Rules 2024

Motorcycle / Rider requirements

A1: A valid driver's licence, registration document and MOT (if required) shall be presented for inspection prior to the start of the rally. Failure to provide required documents may result in disqualification.

A2: Riders must sign an acknowledgment of risk/releases as required by IBAUK.

A3: The motorcycle must comply with all applicable UK standards for road use.

A4: Swapping motorcycles during the rally will result in the rider forfeiting 50% of their final points total.

A5: The motorcycle odometer must be operational for the start of the rally. If it fails then you must inform the Rallymaster and may use your sat nav odometer providing it was zeroed at the start.


  1. Failure to complete rally registration/sign-in procedures within the established deadline will result in disqualification.
  2. All interpretations of these rules shall be made by the President. Once a decision is given by the President it will not be subject to review by any other person or entity and will not be discussed further.
  3. Verbal instructions issued by the President, Rallymaster or any rally team member are not intended to override the written rules or Rally book. In all cases the written word will apply.

A7: The motorcycle shall, always, travel under its own power. Therefore, if your motorcycle breaks down and cannot be repaired at that location, you cannot finish the rally on it.

Auxiliary Fuel Systems

B1: Motorcycles do not require an auxiliary fuel system. However, this does not prohibit their use.

B2: Auxiliary fuel systems must:

  1. Be of a rigid construction firmly mounted to the motorcycle and be an integral part of the vehicle's fuel system. No movement is permitted. Bungee cords are prohibited.
  2. Not be constructed of anything other than metal unless previously approved by the rally's technical team.
  3. The fuel tank must be vented.
  4. If a fuel pump is used, it must be properly wired and fused.
  5. Fuel lines must not interfere with the operation of the motorcycle.
  6. Overall motorcycle fuel capacity is limited to 41.6 litres.

B3: The rally team may measure fuel capacity at any time deemed necessary.

B4: Petrol cans / containers of any size must not be carried at any time during the rally. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the rally and all future IBAUK events.

Rider Conduct.

C1: Any attempt at cheating will result in disqualification.

C2: Riders must not obtain outside help in planning their route. This does not preclude riders who intend to ride as a team from planning a route together.

C3: Riders must not obtain any outside help in obtaining bonus points.

C4: Riders may not be accompanied by persons not entered in the rally, ie. a friend may not ride with you either as a pillion or on their own bike.

C5: Riders should act in a sportsmanlike fashion at all times.

C6: Wheelies, burnouts, donuts or similar riding will result in instant disqualification.

C7: Sponsorship is allowed. A rider shall disclose, prior to the start, any sponsorship obtained. Sponsorship shall not give a competitor any unfair advantage. Whether the sponsorship provides unfair advantage will be decided by the President.

C8: If you are travelling with a pillion passenger, they must not at any time, operate the Motorcycle.

Bonus collecting

D1: The rally is not a scavenger hunt. We expect you to follow the instructions for the bonus.

D2: Rally flags, unique to each rider, must be clearly visible in every photographic bonus. On the rally flag will be your rider number.

D3: Your pictures are to be emailed to the rally email address for scoring. It is the rider's responsibility to make sure that they send the correct photo with the correct details on the email.

D4: Each rider will receive a unique rally flag. Do not lose it. It will not be replaced. If you lose your flag, you may continue collecting bonus points on the condition that your face is clearly visible in all subsequent photos along with the bonus item.If you are riding with a pillion or as a team all riders must be in the photo.

D5: Other rider's rally flags must not be disturbed, picked up or tampered with if discovered on the rally.

D6: If participating with a pillion passenger, the passenger must appear in every photo. If the bonus states “you must appear in the photo“ then both of you must appear.

D7: There will be no bonus claim sheets.

D8: Scoring will be collated during the rally from the pictures emailed in. You need to take great care that your pictures comply with the rules and rally book.

D9: All pictures that do not comply will be reviewed by the rally team whose decision is final.

D10: At the final presentation riders will be informed by the Rallymaster of any bonus claims disallowed and the reason(s) why.


E1: You must inform the Rallymaster before the start if you intend to ride as a team. You will be deemed to be a team if you ride together having not informed the Rallymaster and will forfeit 25% of your points.

E2: If you start as a team you must finish as a team to be a finisher.

E3: There will only be one set of scoring to apply to all riders in the team.

E4: All Rally bonus pictures must include one of the team.

E5: You nominate which bike should be used for the official mileage.

Electronic Bonus Claiming

F1: Live Electronic Bonus Claiming (EBC) is being used in this rally.

F2:.You will email your bonus claims for scoring during the rally. Each bonus claim will consist of one photograph and some basic information including an odometer reading and a timestamp.

F3.Claims must be emailed to: for scoring. You must use the email you entered with or a different address registered with the rally team.

F4: If you send several claims for the same bonus only the last one received will be accepted.

F5: No further claims will be accepted after you have checked-in at the finish

F6: The email Subject line will be rider bonus odo time where rider is your rally flag number, bonus is the bonus code, odo is your odometer reading and time is the four-digit, 24 hour clock, time at which the claim is made. The four values must be separated by one or more spaces only.

Emailed claims are transferred automatically to the scoring system. It only recognises this format to be correctly entered on the scoring system.

Bonus claim photographs

G1: You must take a photograph at the same place as the relevant picture in the book. If the location is closed or missing, take a picture from the same location as the bonus book picture. If that is not possible and you are unsure then phone the Rallymaster for advice.

G2: Your rally flag showing your number must be in every photo.

Icons and their meanings
! Special instructions apply, see notes.
B Bike in photo - all of it viewed from the side
D Daylight only

Sunrise - 1 hour to Sunset + 1 hour
F Full Face in photo - flip up or take helmet off. No face covering
N Nighttime only

Sunset + 1 hour to Sunrise - 1 hour
T Need receipt/ticket photographed by odo
R Restricted access, see special instructions.
2 Team rules apply. At least one rider in every photo