Six Nations Rides and Rules

The ride protocols described in the Rider Guidance document and the Ride Documentation pack must be strictly applied.

The Six nations rugby tournament takes place in February and March annually. This ride visits the national rugby grounds of the six competing nations.

The Six Nations Rides Rules

The Six Nations series of rides consists of:

Six Nations: Visit all six stadiums within 60 hours.

Six Nations Gold: Visit all six stadiums within 52 hours.

The basic rules are the same as for other IBA UK rides:

1. Ride the designated distance in the designated time (see below) on a safe route of your choice.

2. IBA UK requires that you document your ride with photographs. The photo must show BOTH the receipt AND your bike's odometer (mileage) reading IN THE SAME PHOTO. Receipts and odo readings must be legible. Record the Start and End details on Ride Documentation 2 and Ride Documentation 3 respectively.

3. Collect fuel and other receipts along your route and photograph each against your odometer. Track them, along with rest stops over 30 minutes, on Ride Documentation 4.

4. Complete all the remaining documentation in the Ride Documentation pack.

5. Copy all completed documentation and receipts and submit the copies, with your name on every sheet.

Additional rules

  1. To qualify for this ride you must have had a previous Iron Butt ride successfully certified.
  2. The ride must start after the first match and must be completed before the last match of the tournament.
  3. Your ride must be at least 2100 miles.
  4. You must take a photo of each stadium and obtain a receipt nearby.
  5. The receipt must be photographed next to your odometer as with other receipts.

This ride was devised by Gordon Sears #51239 and first certified 2024-02-17