Vulcan Rides and Rules

The ride protocols described in the Rider Guidance document and the Ride Documentation pack must be strictly applied.

On 2nd April 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. Over the following 10 weeks UK Military Forces were mobilised and liberated the Falkland Islands. Part of the Military Response were the Black Buck bombing raids by Vulcan Bombers, the longest bombing missions ever attempted at the time. There are currently 15 Vulcans in the UK.

The Vulcan ride aims to visit 14 of these accessible from a public highway. XH558 is inside a hangar but the others are kept outside. Serial numbers XJ824, XL318 are on display indoors at Imperial War Museum, Duxford and RAF Museum, Colindale respectively.

The 14 Accessible Vulcans, clockwise order
Vulcan Location Coordinates
XM612* Norwich aviation museum*** 52.681095600128174, 1.277847290039063
XJ824 RAF Duxford, IWM*** 52.096440151082135, 0.1329254384711272
XL426* Southend airport 51.56790910169203, 0.7029788428114332
XL318 RAF Museum Hendon*** 51.598649383985666, -0.24003791573537553
XM655 Wellesbourne, Warks 52.196581363677979, -1.618144512176514
XL360 Coventry airport 52.37436555325985, -1.480399249121547
XM575 East Midlands airport, Leics 52.832179069519043, -1.348614692687988
XM598* RAF Cosford museum, Shrops*** 52.644939422607422, -2.309145927429199
XM603 Woodford, Cheshire 53.3352760796038, -2.151464782335706
XJ823 Carlisle airport, Cumbria 54.942691326141357, -2.803916931152344
XM597* East Fortune airfield, North Berwick 55.99398717883139, -2.722888590982728
XL319 Sunderland, Tyne and Wear 54.92405810393393, -1.468014987185597
XH558** Doncaster Sheffield airport, South Yorks 53.488743016496301, -1.006708145141602
XM594 Newark, Notts 53.095602421090007, -0.760658215731382

* indicates a "corner" Vulcan. These must be visited during a Vulcan NEWS ride.

** The Vulcan is stored at the Vulcan Trust in hangar number 4. Take a photo of the hangar door showing number 4.

*** A photo of the entrance gate will suffice. The Vulcan is not visible from the road.

The Vulcan Rides Rules

The Vulcan series of rides consists of:

Vulcan NEWS: Visit at least the four "corner" Vulcans while riding 1000 miles in 24 hours.

Vulcan Gold: Visit all 14 Vulcans while riding 1000 miles in 24 hours.

The basic rules are the same as for other IBA UK rides:

1. Ride the designated distance in the designated time (see below) on a safe route of your choice.

2. IBA UK requires that you document your ride with photographs. The photo must show BOTH the receipt AND your bike's odometer (mileage) reading IN THE SAME PHOTO. Receipts and odo readings must be legible. Record the Start and End details on Ride Documentation 2 and Ride Documentation 3 respectively.

3. Collect fuel and other receipts along your route and photograph each against your odometer. Track them, along with rest stops over 30 minutes, on Ride Documentation 4.

4. Complete all the remaining documentation in the Ride Documentation pack.

5. Copy all completed documentation and receipts and submit the copies, with your name on every sheet.

Additional rules

The Black Buck raids involved lengthy round trips returning to base. These rides should do the same.

  1. The ride must start and finish at the same place, not necessarily one of the Vulcan sites.
  2. The Vulcan sites must be visited in order, either clockwise or anticlockwise but not both.
  3. You must make a "ride flag" using the image (colour/black&white) on page 1 of this document and customise it using your name or other identifier. The flag will need to be included in all Vulcan photos.

Vulcan NEWS

  1. Ride at least 1000 miles in 24 hours.
  2. Visit and photograph each of the four "corner" Vulcans.
  3. Your ride flag must appear in each Vulcan photo.

Vulcan Gold

  1. To qualify for this ride you must have had a previous Iron Butt ride successfully certified.
  2. Ride at least 1000 miles in 24 hours.
  3. Visit and photograph each of the 14 accessible Vulcans.
  4. Your ride flag must appear in each Vulcan photo.

This ride was devised by Gordon Sears #51239 and first certified 2022-04-30