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Brit Butt Light 2021

Saturday 17th July 2021

Welcome to the page for the Brit Butt Light Rally, a 12-hour photo-based motorcycle scatter rally, similar to a treasure hunt. We've kept the coals stoked from our cancelled 2020 rally and steam is still the theme for 2021, though that just refers to the locations to visit, not how you power your bike.

The aim of the Brit Butt Light Rally is to spend the day on your bike visiting interesting locations throughout the UK, without exceeding the time or mileage limit, having collected Bonus Points for each location you visited. The exact Bonus Locations and Points available are supplied in the Rally Book, at least 1-week in advance of the Rally. This gives you plenty of time to plan a day out visiting some new and interesting places. A photo displaying your own personal rally flag must be taken at each Bonus Location to prove where you have been on your travels and supplied to the Rallymaster.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation there will not be a Rally HQ for 2021. Your start and finish locations will be flexible and varied - more details will be supplied upon entry. The Rally will run from 8am to 8pm and you can use as much or as little of that time to visit the Bonus Locations, but be careful to take no more time and ensure that you are within the Rally Mileage Limit or you will not be classed as a Rally finisher. During the Rally you will need to email the photographs you take at the Bonus Locations to the Rallymaster for checking and scoring, so a Cameraphone with internet access will be required. Once all photos have been checked and scored, then a Roll of Honour will be created. All entrants who complete the rally receive a certificate, with trophies awarded for the top-3 places. The top "Rookie" finisher will also be awarded free entry into the Brit Butt Rally in September 2021.*

The 12-hour Brit Butt Light Rally is the mid-size rally organised by Iron Butt UK. The entry-level, but still fun and challenging, rally is the 8-hour Invictus Tour, based in Kent and Sussex. The challenging Brit Butt Rally is the top-level offering, this 36-hour rally can take you anywhere in the UK, maybe even further, and is a true test of planning, stamina and endurance.

The 2019 Brit Butt Light Rally saw over 30 riders exploring the 'Art of the Roadside' on bikes ranging from a Cub 90 to a ZZR1400, raising over £750 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance!

Entry is now closed.

The cost of entry will be £25 for riders, and £35 for a rider and pillion, this will need to be paid via PayPal on registration.
The majority of your entry fee will be donated to charity. For 2021 we will be supporting The Nick Alexander Memorial Trust.

* For the purposes of the Brit Butt Light, a 'Rookie' is someone who has not previously taken part in any IBA UK Rallies other than one single entry in the Invictus Tour, Jorvik or Iceni Rallies.